Academic Freedom

The college recognizes that the most important responsibility of the institution is learning.

It is the aim of the college to maintain an environment, which maximizes the teaching and learning process and in which faculty members are able to pursue the search for truth in an atmosphere of academic freedom.

Academic freedom entitles faculty to freedom in the classroom in presentations and discussions of the subject matter of the course. Implicit within academic freedom are the requirements of academic integrity that include the responsibility of faculty members to conduct their research and classes in manners consistent with generally accepted levels of professionalism, rigor, scholarship, and fairness.

Faculty members at Sandhills Community College are citizens, members of a learned profession, and representatives of the college. When speaking or writing as citizens, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline. As persons of learning and as representatives of the college, however, faculty members should be aware that the public may judge their profession and the institution by their utterances. Thus, they should at all times be accurate, exercise appropriate restraint, and show respect for the opinions of others.


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