Spirit of Sandhills Leadership Program

Sandhills Leadership ProgramSandhills Community College has always been about excellence and improvement — good people doing excellent work and getting better every day.

The future of the college depends on a diverse group of capable and committed leaders. The Spirit of Sandhills Leadership Experience began in the fall of 2011 to develop and sustain a network of leaders who are knowledgeable about the issues community colleges are facing, who are able to demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration skills, and who will be committed to building and improving the organization and the communities the college serves.

Dr. Donny Hunter, a leadership expert, organized and facilitated the leadership experience with the assistance of a steering committee from Sandhills Community College in a cohesive effort to customize the experience specifically to Sandhills Community College. Members of the steering committee include: Lauren Beecher, Jennifer Blakely, Dr. John Dempsey, Wendy Dodson, Germaine Elkins, Wendy Kauffman, and Lori Williams.

All segments of the college community were provided the opportunity to apply to learn about leadership and develop the leadership skills needed to guide the college in its second half-century of service to the people of Moore and Hoke Counties. After an application process, a limited number of participants were selected for this charter program.

Customized for Sandhills Community College — often referred to as the "flagship" institution leading the way for other community colleges — chosen participants expanded their understanding of college issues in the areas of growth, fellowship, knowledge and fulfillment.

The group was exposed to new leadership insights as they pertain to alternate models of leadership, explored their own personal leadership practices, learned how to create effective teams, discussed and learned about planning and visioning, ethical leadership, managing change, and personality preferences.

They explored the history and values of the college.

The leadership program was designed to make participants better leaders in their current positions and to prepare them for the jobs they strive to hold in the future. They were given the opportunity to work with and bond with colleagues throughout the campus, develop skills to accept even greater leadership challenges and have fun and fulfillment in the process.

Leaders from around the state were brought to campus to share insights and lessons on the ingredients in successful leadership. It was designed to be an enjoyable, interactive program with speakers, panels, case studies, and team exercises.

Along with community college leaders and speakers, also incorporated into the program was the unique opportunity Sandhills Community College has to learn from the successful men and women involved in the Sandhills Community College Foundation—a foundation who has taken Sandhills Community College to eight in the nation in fundraising. These leaders were asked to expound on their leadership expertise from the business world in several sessions throughout the program.

Ernest Green Luncheon

Jim Goodmon Speaks at Sandhills

Photos from Kick-Off Even


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