Curriculum (College Credit) Programs

University Studies Programs    Courses that lead to the Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, and Associate in Science degrees are offered at the freshmen and sophomore levels. Credits earned in college transfer courses may be transferred to senior colleges and universities where students may pursue a program of study leading to a baccalaureate degree. Advisors assist students in selecting courses that will be appropriate for baccalaureate degree programs at senior institutions.

Applied Science Programs    Two-year programs are offered leading to the Associate in Applied Science degree. These programs are comprised of specialized and related courses required for successful employment in business, industry, health, horticulture, and service occupations.

Diploma Programs    One-year diploma programs are offered, leading to employment in health, business, industry, and service occupations. These programs include occupational specialty and related courses selected to give students the knowledge and skills needed for successful employment.

Certificate Options    Several of the occupational education programs have a certificate option that includes specialized courses but omits related and general education courses. Students who complete these programs are awarded a program certificate. Students not seeking a college degree, diploma, or certificate may enroll in selected occupational courses as long as the specific course prerequisites are met.

General Education Program    The College offers a non-transferable general education degree for students who want a more flexible two-year college degree. General education students are assisted in the selection of courses that will meet their own special needs and are awarded the Associate in General Education degree upon completion of the program requirements.

General Occupational Program    The General Occupational Technology degree curriculum provides individuals with an opportunity to upgrade skills and to earn an associate degree, diploma, and/or certificate by taking courses suited for individual occupational interests and/or needs. Special criteria must be met as described later in this catalog.

Developmental Education    Students whose placement test scores reveal a need to strengthen English, mathematics, reading, or study skills should enter developmental/pre-curriculum courses. These offerings are designed to prepare students for entrance into and success in curriculum programs.

Students whose placement test scores reveal the need for remediation in only one discipline may attempt college-level coursework in other disciplines.

Students who need more than one developmental course may wish to register for a learning community, a block of prerequisite courses taught by a team of instructors and supported by tutoring, counseling, and off-campus learning experiences.

Special Credit Courses    The College encourages the enrollment of students who are not seeking a degree but wish to further their education by taking courses of special interest. Courses may be audited or taken for college credit.

Programs and Majors at SCC


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