Computer Competency Assignment

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Sandhills Community College. This is the same agency that accredits all colleges and universities in the southern United States. To maintain that accreditation, Sandhills must meet this general education requirement: "The institution (4.2.2-07) must demonstrate that its graduates of degree programs are competent in reading, writing, oral communication, fundamental mathematical skills and the basic use of computers." All students who graduate with associate's degrees are required to successfully complete ENG 111, Expository Writing. In order to complete this class, all students are required to show competency in the following basic computer skills: creating and storing files, using a word processor to create a properly formatted document, transporting files by way of networks, using computer-based communications, and performing Internet-based searching and retrieval of information. These skills are reinforced in both ENG 112 and ENG 114, either of which is required for all associate's degree programs. Successful completion of a computer (CIS) course also will satisfy this requirement.

To demonstrate your computer competency in basic word processing and use of the Internet to locate and save data, complete the Computer Competency Assignment.

When you have completed the assignment, your work will be evaluated according to the Evaluation of Computer Competency Assignment.

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