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Sandhills Community College is the home of the Sandhills High Adventure program. This is an outdoor ropes course that offers a tranquil setting for teams to begin an exciting journey to success.

The activities involved in the Sandhills High Adventure will guide participants through physical and mental challenges, which promote creative, productive, and motivated teams.

Sandhills High Adventure will challenge participants to succeed in:

  • Team building
  • Self-motivation
  • Problem solving
  • Decision-making
  • Effective communication

Participants learn to leave their comfort zones and take calculated risks in a supportive, team environment. They will learn that together, a team can go much further than an individual who stands alone. Sandhills High Adventure will encourage participants to reach beyond their self-imposed limits.


Sandhills High Adventure Course Activities

The Pole: Participants are safely challenged with the support of a team in this pole-climbing experience.

Climbing Wall: Participants ascend a vertical tower alongside two teammates and learn to plan ahead, plot strategy, and count on others for a winning experience.

Trust Fall: Teammates learn to place confidence in others plus learn responsibility as others depend on them for safety.

High-Y: Partnering for success is taught in this pole-climbing event as each pair works together to complete the exercise.

"Me to We": A capstone discussion follows course completion as attention is shifted from the individual to the team values of trust, support and team triumph.

Contact Information

Lori Degre
126 Van Dusen Hall
(910) 695-3939


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