Student Printing

Continuing Education Students:

  • The computer labs used by continuing education students are setup with an instructor-managed print release shortcut on the instructor computer
  • All print jobs submitted by students will be sent to a hold/release queue, and it will be up to the instructor’s discretion whether to release the job after checking the page count and the content of the print job to determine if it is class-related and is being printed the most efficient way.
  • The instructor has the right to cancel any print job submitted that does not meet these guidelines.
  • Printing capabilities are provided for course assignments only. If continuing education students want to print anything that is not required as part of a course, they must go to the Learning Resources Computer Lab in Boyd Library, get the staff to create a PaperCut login for them, and add funds online or at the cash kiosk next to the coin-operated copiers.


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