Public Safety Training

Public ServicesThe Public Services division of Continuing Education at Sandhills Community College serves the educational and training needs of law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical personnel.

Training classes, recertification classes, seminars and programs are offered through this division. Some classes utilize the Larry R. Caddell Public Safety Training Center in Carthage.

Law Enforcement Training

Fire & Rescue

Emergency Medical Services

Contact Information
Denise Cameron
134 Van Dusen Hall
(910) 695-3944


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Course Record Guidelines for Public Safety Instructors

The NC State General Assembly has authorized NC community colleges to administer public safety training waivers for selected, in-state emergency service personnel of local public safety agencies as a state-funded benefit.  The following emergency personnel categories are authorized for public safety training fee-waivers*:
Fire – Volunteer
Fire – Municipal, County, or State
EMS or Rescue and Lifesaving Departments – Volunteer
EMS or Rescue and Lifesaving Departments – Municipal, County, or State
Law Enforcement, fire, EMS, & rescue/lifesaving entities serving an eligible lake authority
Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams
Law Enforcement Agencies –   Municipal, County, or State
Division of Adult Corrections employees
Division of Juvenile Justice employees
Eastern Band of Cherokee law enforcement, fire, EMS, & rescue/lifesaving programs
*This list is updated effective June 2012 and subject to authorization changes by the NC General Assembly.
A tuition or registration fee waiver shall not be construed to mean inclusion of any other course fees or charges (i.e., activity fees, uniforms, equipment/gear, insurance, textbook) that may be required.  All students must be processed through course registration in order to obtain a course fee waiver and receive credit for a course.
Persons in authorized groups must meet admission requirements and other standards considered appropriate by the local college or credentialing agency to enroll in courses for which the student is eligible for a waiver. 
For more information, the North Carolina Community College Tuition and Registration Fee Waiver Reference Guide (2012) at


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