Planning and Research

The mission of Sandhills Community College is to provide educational opportunities of the highest quality to all the people of the Sandhills area of central North Carolina. The mission and its six supporting goals was last reviewed campus-wide in 2011. The six goals supporting the mission are utilized by each college unit and academic program to set outcomes to support the college’s mission and goals. The Office of Planning and Research supports the data collection and measurement necessary to determine how well Sandhills is meeting campus-wide outcome objectives and goals. In addition, the Office of Planning and Research regularly measures department and office-specific mission statements with goals and outcomes.

The following documents explain the college’s strategic planning process, present the planning cycle, and illustrate the college’s campus-wide engagement in planning.


Program reviews are conducted each spring by all units, both instructional and non-instructional. For instructional units, program reviews look closely at student learning outcomes and program outcomes. When units find that they need to improve outcomes, they outline a plan for improvement, including budget requests. For non-instructional units, program reviews look at a unit’s role in the overall function of the institution and include program changes, challenges, successes, plans for improvement, and budget requests.

Every third year instructional and non-instructional units complete an intensive program review. During this process, each unit is thoroughly reviewed and discussed from the unit level to the senior administration. The process is important because it requires each unit to reflect on its current status as well as to consider its future direction.

If you have any questions concerning the planning and research policies or procedures of Sandhills Community College, please contact

Kristie Sullivan, Ph.D.
Dean of Planning and Research
Accreditation Liaison
144 Blue Hall
(910) 695-3907
Becky Graham
Data Specialist
135 Blue Hall
(910) 246-5368
Deneane Smith
Program Associate
136 Blue Hall
(910) 246-2859


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