Helping to Ensure Opportunity

A gift to Sandhills to support student Opportunity is a special commitment—a commitment made both by the donor AND the student.  The donor commits his or her financial support. The student in turn commits to do the work and take responsibility for his or her own success. This social contract between donor and student has been played out countless times over the past 45 years at Sandhills Community College—and thousands of lives have been profoundly changed as a result.

The current state of the economy has also created many challenges for Sandhills students.  Most work and many have families. Their finances are under significant strain.  But despite the challenges, the work of the Sandhills Community College Foundation goes on.  The Foundation’s commitment to educational Opportunity for all who seek to improve their lives has not changed.  If a student can do the work there will be a place for that student at Sandhills, regardless of financial circumstances.  You can be a part of helping to make that special commitment a reality for a Sandhills student this year.

Learn more about SCC Foundation Programs that help ensure educational Opportunity to our students:

The SCC Scholarship Program

The Guarantors Program

The President’s 1963 Circle


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