SCC Building Names and Codes

Sandhills Buildings Building Codes Used
Blue Hall BLU, BLUE
Boyd Library BOY, BOYD, LIB
Causey Hall C, CAU, CAUS
Dempsey Student Center DEM, DEMP, Fitness Center, GYM
Kennedy Hall K, KEN, KENN
Little Hall LH, LIT, LITT
Logan Hall LO, LOG, LOGN
Meyer Hall M, MEY, MEYR
Palmer Trades MAI, MAIN
Sirotek Hall SIR, SIRO
Steed Hall ST, STE, STEE
Stone Hall S, STO, STON
Van Dusen Hall V, VAN, VAND
Wellard W, WEL, WELL
Hoke Center Building Codes Used
Johnson JOH, JOHN
Learning Cottage SAN, SANH
Trailers TRA1, TRA2
Upchurch UPC, UPCH
High Schools Building Codes Used
Hoke County HCHS
North Moore NMHS


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