Student Conduct in the Instructional Environment

Faculty teaching courses for Sandhills Community College and students taking courses at Sandhills Community College have the right to an instructional environment that is conducive to study, thought, and full concentration on study topics selected by the instructor. Student behavior that threatens such an atmosphere and disrupts learning and teaching activities or creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation of a student or faculty member will not be tolerated. The faculty and administration reserve the right to remove a student from a course or a program or to deny his/her admission to a course or a program if the student’s behavior is determined to be detrimental to the teaching environment.

The Sandhills Community College faculty, staff, and administration expect student behavior that assures an instructional environment:

  • where students arrive and depart on time,
  • where there is no disruptive behavior,
  • where the rights of others are respected and where students treat each other with politeness and respect,
  • that is free from menacing or threatening language or disrespectful behavior directed at either the professor or other students,
  • where a student’s attire is within the generally accepted bounds of good taste and does not disrupt the learning process,
  • where students are allowed to bring guests (including children) only with the expressed permission of the professor.


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